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Thank you all for coming to the 1st Ultrasonic Vocalization Conference <3 
In about 2 weeks time you should all receive certificates of attendance.

Thank you Sylvie Granon, Nicola Simola, Jeffrey Burgdorf and Markus Wöhr for your brilliant lectures.

Thank you Miron Kursa, Stefan Brudzynski, Adam Hamed, Michał Biały and Agnieszka Potasiewicz for your lectures. Great job.

Major thanks to all of our lecturers and Piotr Popik, Robert Kuba Filipkowski and Alicja Wieczorkowska for your participation in the Experts Discussion Panel. Nobody really knew what to expect as it was the first such thing but it turned out a little bit like a lab meeting. With a lot of people involved as the audience was also actively involved in the conversation. 

It was very interesting to learn about your thoughts on animals communication, methods used to collect data and what we could do next to improve our future research. Very enjoyable summary 🙂

And it would be unfair not to mention absolutely delicious food. Usually people talk during lunch time but this time everybody was eating 😉 Best. Grill. Ever. Thank you Grill Bastards!

Enjoy our bags people 😉 Commercial Progress