Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the 3rd Ultrasound Vocalization Conference was a great success! We will try to post recordings of the lectures and the Expert Discussion Panel as soon as possible. More details will be announced very soon (Facebook).

This conference aims to create a discussion panel on what ultrasonic vocalization actually is and what role it plays in the animal world.

This conference is an international exchange of opinions on the phenomenon of ultrasound vocalization, sound communication between animals, and the possible existence of animal language, which may be an evolutionary prototype of communication in humans.

For the third time, we tried to answer the question of whether vocalization is only an expression of emotions or whether it also has the properties of a message beyond the emotional. At the same time invited lecturers (big names in the ultrasonic vocalizations world;) presented the neurobiological correlates of ultrasound vocalization and shown us unique methods of USVs analysis and sound separation.

This International Conference specialized on Ultrasonic Vocalization, provides an excellent opportunity to share academic developments, research findings, and experiences, with delegates from around the World.

We are happy that you decided to become a member of our USV Network.

Please, stay in touch!

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